This blog aims to analyze the latest innovations in local, regional and international governance. Technology is at the heart of this project, but also issues of ethics, law and public engagement. Different methodological approaches are considered, and in particular the problematic issue of assessing the impact of ICTs on decision-making processes. Social networks, Big data, Internet of Things, e-participation, e-government and e-democracy are topics addressed as part of a new paradigm. This blog aims to contribute to a better understanding and to accompany these great changes of which we see at the moment only the premises.

FR: Ce blog a pour ambition d’analyser les dernières innovations en matière de gouvernance locale, régionale et internationale. La technologie est au coeur de ce projet, mais également les questions d’éthique, de droit et d’engagement public. Différentes approches méthodologiques sont considérées, et en particulier l’épineuse question de l’évaluation de l’impact des TIC sur les processus de prise de décision. Réseaux sociaux, Big data, Internet of Things, e-participation, e-government et e-democracy sont des thèmes abordés comme faisant partie d’un nouveau paradigme. Ce blog souhaite contribuer à mieux appréhender et accompagner ces grands changements dont nous ne voyons pour l’instant que les prémisses.

Jérôme Duberry is Post-Doc Researcher at the Centre De Compétences Dusan Sidjanski en Études Européennes of the University of Geneva and Research Associate at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. His research activities revolve around the contemporary transformations of society and international institutions in a process of adaptation to the emergence of new technologies. He is particularly interested in innovative public and private governance systems, and examines how information and communication technologies influence global multi-stakeholder decision-making processes. He also works with innovative marketers, PR leaders, and HR professionals to bring the power of digital technologies to their organization. He holds a PhD in International Relations from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and an MA in International Relations from the University of Geneva, and in Diplomacy from the Escuela Diplomatica de Madrid (Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Jérôme is member of the IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), which aims to promote learning and change towards conservation and sustainable development.